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Friday, March 18, 2011

Easter Egg cards

The cards that I am featuring were made for this years Easter cards. Love the shape cards but there was not a cut file for this egg shape from Cricut. Last year I did the same egg shape card with other details but I guess I didn't save it on my gypsy.

I had gotten the new cartridge Kates's ABCs a week ago and they had this cute bunny with grass on it and had made several cuts but didn't want to put it on the same rectangle card as I always seem to do so back to creating the egg.

On Designers Calendar, there was an egg shape that was a little different than last years cards. There was not a shadow feature for this egg, so for all the swirls and dots, I had to go on the Gypsy and remove the them in the hide menu. Just highlight all that you want to remove which will be red and press hide, continue for all parts. After doing this, what you have it just the shape of the egg. Copy the egg shape and paste. Mirror one shape. Line up so they are touching in the center and group together, go to weld and see if they have a gray area in which that part will not cut. The top of both designs should line up at the same number. Cut a stripe paper at 1" smaller. Egg shape card @ 6.5" Stripe @ 5.5" Bunny was cut at 3 3/4" Added a small stone for the eye.
Cut this egg at 5 1/2" at real dial size on. The egg stripe shape on top was cut @ 5". That is how the swirls were cut out and are the gold is showing through to the top layer. I also embossed this with the D'vine swirls folder. This bunny is cut at real size at I think 2 1/2" sized to fit the egg. Found the oval shape from my "stash" and thought it brought the lettering feature stand out a little more. Had to cut the word Easter at 1" from Designers calendar and Happy from "Christmas"

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