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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Embroidered St Pat's Day

Today, I pulled out two projects for their yearly wearing on St. Patrick's Day. the first is a button on panel that was sized for a white blouse that I have. In between the buttonholes are shamrocks from a Viking embroidery card that had small designs on them. just a nice touch without going too far out because I really don't have any other green clothes.

The next was a design I created in my Pfaff sewing machine before it had hooped designs. It has a clip on the back for either hair or add a safety pin to pin on your coat. Just decorative stitches along both edges of the design and the straight stitches between the shamrocks were cut and removed.

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  1. Elaine...I just saw your Egg card and I LOVE it! I make card for the Cards For Soldiers project and I was wondering if you could either explain the process in detail or share the Gypsy file so that I could use the egg shaped card. THANKS! GREAT is adorable!