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Monday, May 30, 2011

Shower Decorations

Sign that will help direct people to the shower. Letters are cut from Storybook @ 4.5" with the shadow feature in green. The arrow is from Going Places cut @ 11.5" and is partly hanging off the edge of the poster board which is cut a little larder than half at 15". The same flower used throughout the shower is cut @6.5" which is from Tie The Knot.
In a party store we found the next item which was a spiral with flowers attached. I took those flowers off and cut the flowers @ 6.5" and attached them using the existing cord and made them so that they are reversible.

Close Up View:

The banner that was created was from Tie the Knot and was cut @ 11.5" in white. The purple was also banner with the shift key and cut @ 11.5". When layering, it is important that you keep the real size off!

Letters were again from Storybook cut @ 4.5". In the final project, I did not use the flowers in the corner. I thought it was too much and I liked the flowers on the bottom that were cut @ 2".

Since I had nowhere to hang the banner when I finished, I just place it on the bed. I did add an extra banner with flowers to each side of the names.
I did punch holes so that I could string ribbon through and left enough on both sides to hang. .

Will take pictures at the shower and hope that the area we have to put the banner fits

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