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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Christmas for the Dogs

These are the projects that I made for my son and daughters new puppies:

The first one is a coordinating fabric that I made stockings for her last year. I did quilt the fabric on a grid pattern at 1" apart with gold metallic thread.....and the name was done in a rayon red thread that was embroidered before I put on the cuff. The "Snuggies were bought for three dollars each and I changed the size of the font to embroider in white rayon thread.

For the second puppy, I had the paw print fleece and decided to use that with felt for the cuff and embroidered in white rayon thread. I had to make the font smaller to fit in the area of the cuff.

Since Serenity is female and all they had was the blue Snuggie, I added the eyelet trim all around the bottom edge and also made the font smaller to fit in the hoop.

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