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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Rag Quilt

This is a rag quilt that I created for my granddaughter after she saw one that I created for a baby. That one was only a lap size but this one fits a full bed and was two layers of fleece so it was extra warm.
I cut a total of ten yards of fabric (2 of each of the solids and 4 yards of the print) using a 9.5" ruler for the squares.
The pattern was created in Electric Quilt so that I could use all the squares and the front layer is different from the back. I had 3 squares leftover and was 9 squares by 11 squares.


First, I had to match the front and back and then quilt with a serpentine stitch, sew the rows together and then joined the rows.
Each layer had to be trimmed separately so it I did it in sections of 5 and then six rows so it would be easier to trim. Close up of the quilt stitch.

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