Birthday Cards

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cardmaking, Birthday

This card was made from Lyrical Letters and Plantin Schoolbook:
Welded with a rectangle from Plantin Schoolbook(size A2 card)4.25" x 5.5", I took the cake on page 70 of the booklet, (shift and jumbo highlighted)and cut out of white card stock. The pink was cut freehand since there is no other option for this cake. Cut Dark pink candles and glued them on the white. Used Stickles to highlight the flame.Computer printed the white square and cut. The Happy Birthday was cut from Zooballo.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Since the Wild Card is one of my favorite cartridges, I thought I would post the largest size card and envelope combinations that you can cut on the Expression. Remember that you can adjust these sizes in your software or Gypsy to fit your needs. If you have the Baby Bug, you can still cut a larger card but will not be able to cut the matching envelope.
Card Description Envelope Size Card Size
#1 Scallop Card 3 ¾ inches 3 ¾ inc
#2 Argyle Card 6 inches 6 inches
#3 Square Card 4 ½ inches 4 ½ inch
#4 Stitched Card 6 ¼ inches 6 ¼ inc
#5 Trifold Card 6 ¾ inches 6 ¾ inc
#6 Invite Card 6 ½ inches 4 ½ inches (size adjustment)
#7 Booklet Card 6 ¾ inches 5 ¼ inches (size adjustment)
#8 Oval Card 6 ¼ inches 6 ¼ inches
#9 Birthday Card 6 ¾ inches 6 ¾ inches
#10 Joy Card 5 ¾ inches 5 ¾ inches
#11 Swoop Card 4 inches 4 inches
#12 Leaf Card 6 ¼ inches 6 ¼ inches
#13 Tied Up Card 4 inches 2 ¾ inches (size adjustment)
#14 Triangle Card 6 ¼ inches 6 ¼ inches
#15 All in One Card 6 ½ inches 6 ½ inches
#16 Tweety Card 5 inches 5 inches
#17 Circle Card 4 inches 4 inche
#18 Thanks Card 6 ¼ inches 6 ¼ inches
#19 Wave Card 7 inches 6 ¾ inches (size adjustment)
#20 Pinwheel Card 6 ½ inches 6 ½ inches
#21 Doily Card 5 inches 5 inches
#22 Quotes Card 7 inches 7 inches
#23 Thinking Card 6 inches 6 inches
#24 Porthold Card 5 ½ inches 5 ½ inches
#25 Flower Card 4 ¾ inches 4 ¾ inches
#26 Branch Card 7 inches 7 inches
#27 Hello Card 5 ¼ inches 5 ¼ inches
#28 Star Card 5 ½ inches 5 ½ inches
#29 Wow Card 4 ½ inches 3 ¾ inches (size adjustment)
#30 Cupcake Card 5 ¼ inches 5 ¼ inches
#31 Present Card 7 ½ inches 7 ½ inches
#32 Cake Card 5 ¼ inches 5 ¼ inches
#33 Safety Pin Card 5 inches 5 inches
#34 Bandaid Card 6 ¼ inches 6 ¼ inches
#35 Father Card 4 ½ inches 4 ½ inches
#36 Heart Card 4 ¾ inches 4 ¾ inches
#37 Pumpkin Card 3 ¾ inches 3 ¾ inches
#38 #1 Card 6 ½ inches 6 ½ inches
#39 Gift Card 7 ¼ inches 7 ¼ inches
#40 Monster Card 5 inches 5 inches
#41 Owl Card 5 ¼ inches 5 ¼ inches
#42 Graduate Card 7 ½ inches 7 ½ inch
#43 Ornament Card 5 inches 5 inches
#44 House Card 7 ¾ inches 7 ¾ inc
#45 Carriage Card 6 inches 6 inches
#46 Hanukkah Card 5 ¼ inches 5 ¼ inc
#47 Celebrate Card 5 ½ inches 5 ½ inc
#48 Shower Card 8 inches 8 inch
#49 Gift Box 1 7 inches
Gift Box 2 (shift) 5 ¾ inches
#50 Envelope 1 6 ¼ inches
Envelope 2 (shift) 5 ¼ inches

Something that I discovered on this cartridge is that the packaging has the same card twice and this is the scallop card #1, also used for the JOY card picture.

Monday, April 12, 2010


Flower Card:
One of my favorite cartridges is the "Wild Card" Cards are set up to be able to cut shaped cards without too much effort and I like the look of them.
On page 56 of the handbook is this flower card. In order to cut the envelopes to go with the cards, you have to use a special size so it fits on the 12" x 12" mat. You have to the cut envelope first and use the "fit to Page" feature on the Expression. The largest size that you are able to cut on this card is 4 3/4" x 4 3/4". you can cut other sizes smaller than this or is you use your own envelope, you can cut a larger size.
The first thing that I did is cut the card from yellow card stock. I did use the Cuttlebug and with the Swiss Dots folder for just the flower to embellish. I kept the size at 4 3/4" and cut out the white flower from the "Frame" feature. Next I cut 3 green leaves from the "Icon" feature with the same size. On the inside of the card, I then pasted them on the rectangle

The envelope was cut from green card stock. Added the light blue to the back section before folding and gluing the envelope together. added yellow and white flowers cut from the "Liner feature.
Also added the stickles.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


WILD CARDHeart Stamp

This is my version of the pinwheel card on page 51 of the Wild Card handbook. On the Fit to page, the largest card that you are able to cut is 6.5" to fit in the envelope that was made for it with the shift key. I did not use the envelope but it was 6.5".
I did stamp the images and rotate to get the next image on the pinwheel and kept turning until they were full. When doing this, you have to make sure the stamps are not too big for the opening.
Next I cut the frame out and mounted in the opening. Not sure why the holes were cut out all over the front of the card but the next one that I would do is cut the blackout feature and that would eliminate those cuts. The flower pot was cut from Walk In My Garden and run through the distressed stripes folder from the Cuttlebug. Added a strip of paper for the stem and cut out the leaves.
The "Happy Birthday" was cut from Zooballo Zoo.
Flower stamp
Flower Stamp

There was another stamp that fit in the circle area and that was "I love You" but not pictured.
Inside of the card: Added an embossed square to cover the brad on the spinner. Printed the sentiment from the computer.

Friday, April 9, 2010


Just one last post with Easter cards. Had these scraps laying around so made a quick card.
I just bought this embossing folder and had to try it on some thing. It is an A 2 size card. I try to have card stock cut so that I can grab something and make something quick if the need arises.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Lunch Box Card

This card was for my daughter who just moved to another city so we just used the theme. We bought her a lunch box for her new job and in the bag, we put all sorts of snacks that my husband usually packs for her.
On my Gypsy I chose the lunch box shape. I did weld together two shadow features with one reversed in the black card stock. Made the size to fit into a A 2 envelope. Saved the height size and then cut the black and white paper for the overlay.
Out of white card stock, I then cut out the layer feature and ran it through the Cuttlebug (Tiny Mosaic folder).
Next I cut the same layer feature out of red card stock and then trimmed as seen in the picture with scissors and added Stickles to the apple and a black pen to highlight the lettering.On the inside of the card, I just cut various words from different cartridges and also Stickled them. Because of the black card stock in order to sign the card we had to use a white pen.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter card

This is one of my quickie cards using just what I had left on my table after other projects. The background is just printed paper that I put under the card but it really does look like it is part of the card.
The blue card stock is embellished with the D'vine Swirl folder. It was leftover from a circle cut on another project and just glued onto a Easter paper.
Added the flower cut from Gypsy Wanderings cartridge oval shape(3.25"W x 2.22H") and then embossed with the Swiss Dots folder. Added a blue stickles to the dots.
The white scalloped oval also from GW cut @ 5.35"H x 3.39"W.
The lettering was from A Childs Year. Easter was welded with the happy(which was already a design that had all small letters and had a finished height of 1.64". Since I decided to separate the words on this card, I just snipped where they were welded. Pink stickles was used on the lettering.
The scallop was from a Martha Stewart punch that I just bought and is actually punched on the back side of the card.