Birthday Cards

Friday, December 10, 2010

Two different views of the same card are today's Christmas card. This style seem to be very big when it comes to making cards. Two layers of the background were cut and then applied on the different sections. Designing this on the Gypsy after you cut the sections is very helpful to get the sizing of the snowmen and other elements. Love the snowmen from this cartridge with added Stickles to the snowmen and snowflakes. The best part of this card is when it is fully opened and you can see all the different cuts that you've made.

Monday, December 6, 2010


Looks like I will have a couple new kits to sew during the winter months, thanks to the Amish Quilt Shop Hop. The kits were part of the prize I won for visiting all 12 shops and then my name was drawn when the shop owners got together after it was over.
First one is a kit for a bag with pattern and all the materials needed including the netting, zipper straps and fabric.
The second kit is for a wool table runner with pattern and the wool to make the snowmen and trees and background.

This is all that I won including the kits, patterns, and rulers. It was a fun time doing the hop which is held the first weekend in November.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas card

This is the first card that I sent out this year to a very special cousin. It seems every year she sends her cards out to arrive the day after Thanksgiving so I just had to send it ti arrive before the Holiday. The bird and branch were from Winter woodland cartridge. The white card stock was run through the Snowflakes folder for the Cuttlebug after I had cut out the scalloped rectangle. It was then enlarged by 1/4" and cut out of red paper.
The Merry Christmas was a stamp that I had from many years ago and used pens to color the red and green and brown, then used a scallop punch and colored the edges. The final touch was Stickles to the snowflakes and the berries and branch.


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving card


The pilgrims and turkey were cut from A Childs Year to fit on a 4.25 x 5.5" card. The greeting was printed on a computer, then cut to size and rounded the corners with a punch.

Monday, November 22, 2010


Although i have not posted in awhile, that does not mean that I haven't been creating. these are the cards that my daughter and I made when we visited Archivers ( during one of their free make it sessions back in the summer. Learned many different techniques: The THANKS card has a punch and heat embossed image. They do provide all the materials for you to make these cards.
Corner chompers used on the white part of this card, then embossed with a folder. Stamped the thank you and lamp and stamped the lampshade again, then cut it out, heat embossed in pink and attached it with a foam dot.

Used several stamps with a resist technique. Stickles and an ink pad gives it an antique look.

All three cards shown. I found that these classes are a way for you to try different products before you buy.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Where have I been?

I can't believe it is the end of August already. Although I haven't posted anything in quite awhile, I have still been creating cards and sewing. Projects will get on the post starting with things I've done for my daughters new house.

We have chasing all over town looking for just the right zebra fabric and finally found something at JoAnns. I bought just enough fabric and made three pillows with no scraps left over. Lighting was different in these two pictures but they are the same. Quickly made and I just put a zipper in the back instead of an overlap so it would be easy to remove. They covered existing pillows that came with the couch.

Monday, July 12, 2010


I'm still doing things with the Cindy Loo cartridge. I read on someones post that before she buys anymore cartridges that she makes at least 10 things from the what she already has. I am trying to follow that rule before I buy anything more.
Using the same color scheme with the polka dot paper, I created this Thanks card. The work Thanks was cut from page 71, font feature. cut @ 1.5" and then ran it through the swiss dots folder. The flower was on page 56 and cut @ 3.5". Added a ribbon on the bottom and then stickled the flowers

These three deer (1 is mirrored image)were also from the Cindy Loo cartridge on page 61. Used the shadow feature and cut out of the three colors because I couldn't decide how I wanted them to look on a card.

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Both of these cards were made from the Cindy Loo collection. Using the same brown and golden yellow card stock for both cards. The size of the cut was made at 4.25" and with the shadow, it is slightly larger. I used the gypsy to cut the designs. The card above, the brown shadow layer was embossed with the swiss dots folder and then the yellow was stickled. Used a brown ink to stamp the Happy birthday and then blended the colors to match the background better.
The tree was stickled and used a brown pen to draw the trunk lines. I did cut another bird out of blue card stock and used a foam to add the dimension and blue ink to shadow the edges. Since I haven't decided what purpose that I was going to use this card for, I left it blank.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


This card was created on the Gypsy. This doily3 was a square size on page 70 of the Cindy Loo cartridge, but I changed the size to fit a 5 x 7" card.
Welded the blackout feature to a rectangle from Plantinschool book. The center scroll work is the border feature of this cartridge that I also changed the size to fit the middle section.
Mounted it with foam squares, then stamped a Happy Birthday which is mounted to solid pink and yellow papers. Added a few rhinestones to the centers. I was originally was going to put the deer that I made on this card but decided that I wanted to keep the cuts showing.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


These three cards were from the Cindy Loo cartridge. I was just playing around to see what different looks can be achieved by the same image. There are four different layers involved in putting together the Owl and two layers for the word hi. Different opened card and embossed with the swiss dots folder of the cuddlebug. I used a border punch for the yellow and put it behind the polka dot paper. The paper is what gave me my color combinations.
This card was embossed with two different folders, (swiss dots and divine swirls. Added stickles to the white layers of this card. The Happy Birthday was a stamp and just cut it at a different angle to add another element. All the owls have rhinestone flowers for the eyes.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Cardmaking, general

This is my version of the card that was in the Cindy Loo handbook.

I don't always have the paper illustrated or the supplies so I am trying to use what I have on hand without going and buying more stuff for a project
I did cut out the flower (page 52) in the size of 3.5" that was in the instructions. The lower case hi was cut at 1 3/8". I have been using the Gypsy to design the cards that I make so that I know things will fit in the space that I have on the card stock.
Used a punch for the blue border and cut the leaves(branch) from page 48. Added the stones to the card as a finishing touch.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cardmaking, Birthday

This card was made from Lyrical Letters and Plantin Schoolbook:
Welded with a rectangle from Plantin Schoolbook(size A2 card)4.25" x 5.5", I took the cake on page 70 of the booklet, (shift and jumbo highlighted)and cut out of white card stock. The pink was cut freehand since there is no other option for this cake. Cut Dark pink candles and glued them on the white. Used Stickles to highlight the flame.Computer printed the white square and cut. The Happy Birthday was cut from Zooballo.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Since the Wild Card is one of my favorite cartridges, I thought I would post the largest size card and envelope combinations that you can cut on the Expression. Remember that you can adjust these sizes in your software or Gypsy to fit your needs. If you have the Baby Bug, you can still cut a larger card but will not be able to cut the matching envelope.
Card Description Envelope Size Card Size
#1 Scallop Card 3 ¾ inches 3 ¾ inc
#2 Argyle Card 6 inches 6 inches
#3 Square Card 4 ½ inches 4 ½ inch
#4 Stitched Card 6 ¼ inches 6 ¼ inc
#5 Trifold Card 6 ¾ inches 6 ¾ inc
#6 Invite Card 6 ½ inches 4 ½ inches (size adjustment)
#7 Booklet Card 6 ¾ inches 5 ¼ inches (size adjustment)
#8 Oval Card 6 ¼ inches 6 ¼ inches
#9 Birthday Card 6 ¾ inches 6 ¾ inches
#10 Joy Card 5 ¾ inches 5 ¾ inches
#11 Swoop Card 4 inches 4 inches
#12 Leaf Card 6 ¼ inches 6 ¼ inches
#13 Tied Up Card 4 inches 2 ¾ inches (size adjustment)
#14 Triangle Card 6 ¼ inches 6 ¼ inches
#15 All in One Card 6 ½ inches 6 ½ inches
#16 Tweety Card 5 inches 5 inches
#17 Circle Card 4 inches 4 inche
#18 Thanks Card 6 ¼ inches 6 ¼ inches
#19 Wave Card 7 inches 6 ¾ inches (size adjustment)
#20 Pinwheel Card 6 ½ inches 6 ½ inches
#21 Doily Card 5 inches 5 inches
#22 Quotes Card 7 inches 7 inches
#23 Thinking Card 6 inches 6 inches
#24 Porthold Card 5 ½ inches 5 ½ inches
#25 Flower Card 4 ¾ inches 4 ¾ inches
#26 Branch Card 7 inches 7 inches
#27 Hello Card 5 ¼ inches 5 ¼ inches
#28 Star Card 5 ½ inches 5 ½ inches
#29 Wow Card 4 ½ inches 3 ¾ inches (size adjustment)
#30 Cupcake Card 5 ¼ inches 5 ¼ inches
#31 Present Card 7 ½ inches 7 ½ inches
#32 Cake Card 5 ¼ inches 5 ¼ inches
#33 Safety Pin Card 5 inches 5 inches
#34 Bandaid Card 6 ¼ inches 6 ¼ inches
#35 Father Card 4 ½ inches 4 ½ inches
#36 Heart Card 4 ¾ inches 4 ¾ inches
#37 Pumpkin Card 3 ¾ inches 3 ¾ inches
#38 #1 Card 6 ½ inches 6 ½ inches
#39 Gift Card 7 ¼ inches 7 ¼ inches
#40 Monster Card 5 inches 5 inches
#41 Owl Card 5 ¼ inches 5 ¼ inches
#42 Graduate Card 7 ½ inches 7 ½ inch
#43 Ornament Card 5 inches 5 inches
#44 House Card 7 ¾ inches 7 ¾ inc
#45 Carriage Card 6 inches 6 inches
#46 Hanukkah Card 5 ¼ inches 5 ¼ inc
#47 Celebrate Card 5 ½ inches 5 ½ inc
#48 Shower Card 8 inches 8 inch
#49 Gift Box 1 7 inches
Gift Box 2 (shift) 5 ¾ inches
#50 Envelope 1 6 ¼ inches
Envelope 2 (shift) 5 ¼ inches

Something that I discovered on this cartridge is that the packaging has the same card twice and this is the scallop card #1, also used for the JOY card picture.

Monday, April 12, 2010


Flower Card:
One of my favorite cartridges is the "Wild Card" Cards are set up to be able to cut shaped cards without too much effort and I like the look of them.
On page 56 of the handbook is this flower card. In order to cut the envelopes to go with the cards, you have to use a special size so it fits on the 12" x 12" mat. You have to the cut envelope first and use the "fit to Page" feature on the Expression. The largest size that you are able to cut on this card is 4 3/4" x 4 3/4". you can cut other sizes smaller than this or is you use your own envelope, you can cut a larger size.
The first thing that I did is cut the card from yellow card stock. I did use the Cuttlebug and with the Swiss Dots folder for just the flower to embellish. I kept the size at 4 3/4" and cut out the white flower from the "Frame" feature. Next I cut 3 green leaves from the "Icon" feature with the same size. On the inside of the card, I then pasted them on the rectangle

The envelope was cut from green card stock. Added the light blue to the back section before folding and gluing the envelope together. added yellow and white flowers cut from the "Liner feature.
Also added the stickles.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


WILD CARDHeart Stamp

This is my version of the pinwheel card on page 51 of the Wild Card handbook. On the Fit to page, the largest card that you are able to cut is 6.5" to fit in the envelope that was made for it with the shift key. I did not use the envelope but it was 6.5".
I did stamp the images and rotate to get the next image on the pinwheel and kept turning until they were full. When doing this, you have to make sure the stamps are not too big for the opening.
Next I cut the frame out and mounted in the opening. Not sure why the holes were cut out all over the front of the card but the next one that I would do is cut the blackout feature and that would eliminate those cuts. The flower pot was cut from Walk In My Garden and run through the distressed stripes folder from the Cuttlebug. Added a strip of paper for the stem and cut out the leaves.
The "Happy Birthday" was cut from Zooballo Zoo.
Flower stamp
Flower Stamp

There was another stamp that fit in the circle area and that was "I love You" but not pictured.
Inside of the card: Added an embossed square to cover the brad on the spinner. Printed the sentiment from the computer.

Friday, April 9, 2010


Just one last post with Easter cards. Had these scraps laying around so made a quick card.
I just bought this embossing folder and had to try it on some thing. It is an A 2 size card. I try to have card stock cut so that I can grab something and make something quick if the need arises.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Lunch Box Card

This card was for my daughter who just moved to another city so we just used the theme. We bought her a lunch box for her new job and in the bag, we put all sorts of snacks that my husband usually packs for her.
On my Gypsy I chose the lunch box shape. I did weld together two shadow features with one reversed in the black card stock. Made the size to fit into a A 2 envelope. Saved the height size and then cut the black and white paper for the overlay.
Out of white card stock, I then cut out the layer feature and ran it through the Cuttlebug (Tiny Mosaic folder).
Next I cut the same layer feature out of red card stock and then trimmed as seen in the picture with scissors and added Stickles to the apple and a black pen to highlight the lettering.On the inside of the card, I just cut various words from different cartridges and also Stickled them. Because of the black card stock in order to sign the card we had to use a white pen.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter card

This is one of my quickie cards using just what I had left on my table after other projects. The background is just printed paper that I put under the card but it really does look like it is part of the card.
The blue card stock is embellished with the D'vine Swirl folder. It was leftover from a circle cut on another project and just glued onto a Easter paper.
Added the flower cut from Gypsy Wanderings cartridge oval shape(3.25"W x 2.22H") and then embossed with the Swiss Dots folder. Added a blue stickles to the dots.
The white scalloped oval also from GW cut @ 5.35"H x 3.39"W.
The lettering was from A Childs Year. Easter was welded with the happy(which was already a design that had all small letters and had a finished height of 1.64". Since I decided to separate the words on this card, I just snipped where they were welded. Pink stickles was used on the lettering.
The scallop was from a Martha Stewart punch that I just bought and is actually punched on the back side of the card.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Easter card

When you craft, you end up with lots of scrapes and I can't seem to throw them out. The bunny and scallops were cut from the egg shape cards and just added on an Easter paper. This size was an A 2 card.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Easter Egg Cards

Two more cards that were made on the gypsy. I did run both of them through the Cuttlebug Swiss dots folder Not shown in the picture on these egg shaped cards was that I trimmed about a 1/4" off the bottom so that they would stand on their own.

Both these cards were featured in the Cricket Newsletter:
March 30, 2010 · Vol. 201

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Easter egg cards

Using my Gypsy, I created these cards because I couldn't find the newest Easter cartridge. using the follow cartridges: Doodlecharms, Gypsy Wanderings, Plantin Schoolbook, Walk in my Garden and A Childs Year for the words.
The flowers were from Gypsy Wanderings and were cut @ 1.22" and were rotated on each cut flower.
The leaves were from Walk In My Garden and cut @1.39 x .48 " and also rotated for each of the cuts.
The Egg shape was cut from Doodlecharms and has to be a separate cut because the flowers and leaves extend over the border.The size was 6.14 x 18.16".
The circles were from Plantin Schoolbook and were cut from .26" and .48" to be used as fillers.
This was my first cut and I couldn't just let it go to waste so I cut out the purple paper and glued it on the front folded paper and then trimmed to leave the egg shape. Glued the green leaves in the cutout section after I ran them through the Cuttlebug. Stickled the leaves and Happy Easter and added the gems to the center part.
The green egg was a welded egg from Doodlecharms so that I had an egg shaped card. Cut the flower part separately and added to the top layer. Put the pink flowers from the other cut egg on top after I ran it through the Swiss Dots folder. Stickled the dots on the flowers and the Happy Easter.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Easter cardmaking

Newest card that I just love! Has things that have been favorites of mine which is gingham, newest border punch and Swiss dots.

Made this card using Doodlecharms:

For the bunny cut @ 3.5" with the dark pink as the shadow feature
Chalked the ears the added Stickles for the glitz. Eyes and nose are brads added before the shadow was glued on to the back.
Added the pink bow after gluing to a 4.25 x 5.5" square, run through the Cuttlebug with the swiss dots folder, punched the corners with a Martha Stewart corner punch.

In the set of punches was also the punch for a straight border which I used for the gingham paper cut at 7.5 x 5". Because of the size of the paper, I needed to add the stripes to the outer edge to cover the uneven edges from the punch.

The size of the card finished was 5.25 x 7.5" which is larger than my usual size of A 2.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


A card made for my husband, Hmm Grumpy, does that tell you anything. In a hurry again but these characters are not to be a rush job. Cut at 5" and still had the small parts of the eyes. Added some shading with markers and my hand isn't that steady anymore. Happy Birthday

Friday, March 19, 2010

Bride box


I had gotten a cut file from the Cricut message board and this person designed this dress box from cartridges that I already owned and welded the file. The original design is on the cartridge "Tie the Knot"which I do not have. Eventually I will be making boxes such as this for my daughter, soon I hope. I did run the dress through the Cuttlebug with the swirls folder which adds another element to this cut. Added stones to the top and a flower that I had on the waistband with a ribbon. You untie the ribbon and there is enough room to add mints or some other small item. I think it is very clever how she did design it.
Here is the link where I have gotten the file from:

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Even though Valentines day is over, I still have a few projects hanging around such as these sucker covers. Done in the hoop out of red felt and trimmed with pinking sheers. Fun and quick project for a gift or just to have in a bowl when someone comes over.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010



Easter card created from Wild Card cartridge. It is the Doily on page 52 which I changed the size to fit in a 4.25 x 5.5" envelope which is more common to mail.
I had the checked ribbon and wove it through the cut holes. Added a oval shape of pink polka dot paper. The bunny is from Winter Woodlands put through the cuttle but with the swirls pattern, then added Stickles on the swirls. for the nose and mouth I used small stones.