Birthday Cards

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Easter bunny

Here is another cut from Kate's ABCs cut at 3.75". I placed him on this scalloped rectangle that I cut awhile ago so I am not sure what cartridge it is from. Trying to use my stash of cuts for cards and this worked perfectly. then it was too large to put an A2 card so I made the next size to fit in the envelope that I had which was 4.5 x 6.25". I decided there was too much white space and I couldn't find a ribbon to fit the space so the next thing I grabbed was a MS punch. That worked so then I punched a 1.5" pink paper and put that on the inside and also used the same punch in which you can't see. Martha Steward Glitter was added to match the center stones of the flowers. Added a little Stickles and the butterfly to finish.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Easter Card

Another card made with my new favorite cartridge Kate's ABCs. The card base is the Scallop card on page 52 in the Wild Card cartridge cut at 5.5". The base is the blackout feature cut in pink, cut in half using the other half for the the Baby Steps card. There is a circle cut from George and embossed with the Swiss Dots folder. Kate was cut at 3.75" with the dress embossed with a flower folder from Sizzix and chalked and a dot of pink added to the center. Thought it needed something else so I cut 2 bunnies from page 52 and layered it with a pop dot. "Easter" was cut from Designers Calender and the "Happy"was cut from Christmas at .75" to fit the area. A few extra bling was added.

Monday, March 28, 2011

1st Birthday Card

For this card, I used my Gypsy to get the sizes that wanted starting with the card cut @ 5.5" with the scallop card on page 52 in the Wild Card book. Next came the circle to cover the middle section of the card front which was cut @4.75" from George and used the Swiss Dots folder to emboss. The next step was to open another page on the Gypsy to get my sizing for the cupcake on the Baby Steps cartridge which I found that 4" was a good size. I cut all the layer mostly by the suggestions in the book except that I didn't like the green. I ran the light pink through the Cuttlebug with the D'vine Swirls folder and the dark pink with the Distressed Stripes folder. I also cut the blackout feature of the card and cut it in half so that it would cover the ribbon on the backside of the card because the ribbon was not reversible. Added the Stickles to finish the look and a stone for the center of the flower. Ever so slightly, on the white of the candle I did add 1st and outline with a gel pen.
The Happy Birthday was from Gypsy Wanderings and just cut to almost two inches because the words are stacked, it worked out to about an inch for the words.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

More A Childs Year cards

The cuts from A Child's Year are so cute that I just cut several at once and just use them as is. I call them my quick cards. I plan on making scrapbook pages using these images but until then I have made cards. All are A2 cards that I pre cut several at a time to be ready for a quick card. Just adding a few background mats make them pop out a little more. Left without greetings they are good for a quick note cards.
Just a little accent either ribbon, ric rac or embossed with the Cuttlebug add a little extra but are quick to do.
I love this heart and girl for a Valentines day gift for my granddaughter with just the embossing of two different folders.
these two cards had a felt trim in the burgundy color that was added as an after thought. One image is the negative of the other and if you leave enough room around the cut or a shape around the image so that you can use it as a positive, negative cut.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Child's Year cards

This has been a very busy week so I only had time to create a few quick cards. All the images were cut from A Child's Year and were cut to fit an A2 card.

The Cuttlebug folders were to add a little more interest to the cards using D"vine Swirls and Swiss Dots. I am looking for trim in my stash that matches the colors but this was the only small piece of ribbon that I had. I will be adding a sentiment but wait til the need arises for the occasion and print on the computer or stamp one. Sometimes it is best just leave a few blank so that I could just use as a note card.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Easter Egg cards

The cards that I am featuring were made for this years Easter cards. Love the shape cards but there was not a cut file for this egg shape from Cricut. Last year I did the same egg shape card with other details but I guess I didn't save it on my gypsy.

I had gotten the new cartridge Kates's ABCs a week ago and they had this cute bunny with grass on it and had made several cuts but didn't want to put it on the same rectangle card as I always seem to do so back to creating the egg.

On Designers Calendar, there was an egg shape that was a little different than last years cards. There was not a shadow feature for this egg, so for all the swirls and dots, I had to go on the Gypsy and remove the them in the hide menu. Just highlight all that you want to remove which will be red and press hide, continue for all parts. After doing this, what you have it just the shape of the egg. Copy the egg shape and paste. Mirror one shape. Line up so they are touching in the center and group together, go to weld and see if they have a gray area in which that part will not cut. The top of both designs should line up at the same number. Cut a stripe paper at 1" smaller. Egg shape card @ 6.5" Stripe @ 5.5" Bunny was cut at 3 3/4" Added a small stone for the eye.
Cut this egg at 5 1/2" at real dial size on. The egg stripe shape on top was cut @ 5". That is how the swirls were cut out and are the gold is showing through to the top layer. I also embossed this with the D'vine swirls folder. This bunny is cut at real size at I think 2 1/2" sized to fit the egg. Found the oval shape from my "stash" and thought it brought the lettering feature stand out a little more. Had to cut the word Easter at 1" from Designers calendar and Happy from "Christmas"

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Embroidered St Pat's Day

Today, I pulled out two projects for their yearly wearing on St. Patrick's Day. the first is a button on panel that was sized for a white blouse that I have. In between the buttonholes are shamrocks from a Viking embroidery card that had small designs on them. just a nice touch without going too far out because I really don't have any other green clothes.

The next was a design I created in my Pfaff sewing machine before it had hooped designs. It has a clip on the back for either hair or add a safety pin to pin on your coat. Just decorative stitches along both edges of the design and the straight stitches between the shamrocks were cut and removed.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Happy Spring

Spring is almost here and this card was created after such a long winter. Maybe I should have put "Welcome Spring".

The robin and egg was a cut from the new cartridge Kate's ABC's that I finally found at Joann's. One of the hardest cartridges to find since I still have it on my notify from the online store since January but found it in the store.

Using the gypsy, I put the rectangle on the screen from George at 4.25" x 5.5" which is the finished size of the card. I do this so that I could size the robin cut size to fit in the space. Then I delete the rectangle after designing.

I did run the background blue card stock with the d'vine swirls folder and then the green through the distressed stripes folder.

The "happy" was cut from gypsy Wanderings with the hide feature to hide birthday and then the "Spring was also cut from the same cartridge.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Waterfall card

I have been fascinated with this type of card that I saw on "The Spotted Canary" show this past Friday. I went to their website and found the directions on making this card as well as other wonderful projects.

Using my Cuttlebug folders, (instead of stamping or stickers) I cut the squares with the white layer @ 1 7/8" and then the background at 2". Using the stamp die from the Cuttlebug, I cut out 4 different colors and then embossed with 2 folders from the original kit and then 2 others that fit in space and attached to the white squares.

The "Happy Birthday" was a cut file that I created on the Gypsy so that it would go on the sides of the front card. I need to do something to the letters to make them pop more so this will be done either with a pen stitch or chalking.

The top layer square is from the original Cuttlebug folders that came with the stamp die done in a bright green.
As the card is pulled from the bottom ribbon, this is the 2 ND layer which is lavender. The flower is from a set of four smaller folders which are called flowers.

Pull a little more and the third layer shown which is from blue paper and is the cupcake from the original stamp and die.
One more pull and the last layer is exposed which is embossed three times from the birthday folders. I only put it partially through and then position again until I had three celebrates on the square with only the one showing through when the card is closed.

Fun to do but some concentration on folding and putting together but is not difficult and I am planning to do more.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Needle felting for St. Patricks Day

Today instead of cards, I made this candle mat using the Cricut to cut all the shapes out of card stock to use as patterns. I used wool felt for the shamrocks in 3 colors and they cannot be cut out successfully with the Cricut.

On page 30 of the Designer"s Calendar booklet, the larger 4 leaf clover is cut at 3" shadow and then cut the clover so it would layer over the shadow. Alternating clovers were cut at 2 1/2" in shadow and clover. I did not use any fusible web but just layered them and started stitching.

The machine I use is special because it does not use any thread but has 5 special barbed needles to mesh the fibers together so no other stitching is needed to keep the fabrics together. To hold the backing on, I used fusible web and then used a stitch from my regular sewing machine to go around the edge and trimmed the green felt 1/8" from the stitching.
I did have trouble using the regular white felt because it was slightly thinner and did distort the original shape but I had run out of the white wool felt large enough for the project which is about 12". A closeup of the shamrocks that is very quick to make.