Birthday Cards

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wedding Announcements

Several more announcement cards. I uses various embossing folders and the butterflies that I cut from MS Elegant Cake Art cartridge @ 2". Some of the folders were from Sizzix and the Cuttlebug. All done with the same glitter paper.

I do like the butterflies on this cartridge but had to set them to cut twice and did it without the gypsy so that I could control the speed. The paper is heavier than most card stock.

The all white does look a little more elegant.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Wedding Announcements

Since it was a small wedding, the grooms mother wanted to know about announcements to be sent out.
The first pictures are a few of the cuts from Sweethearts cartridge on page 65. I had the glitter paper in her colors and decided to use them for the cuts. I emailed the bride with this selection for the announcements for her to pick which one she liked best. Well as it turned out, she liked the all and so I used them all for the cards. The "Just Married" was cut @ 3" and the car was cut @ 4" with all the layers cut also. I actually did this in the Gypsy and fit everything on a 12" x 12" paper so that I could cut multiple images at once.

These are a few of the examples with the cards made up. I did print the announcement details in both landscape and letter so that I could use either style. The image above was embossed first and since it had too much free space, I cut a small card shape and used a folder that just had the smaller designs on them. This one says "Forever Together" but I also used "Love" also

This one was very plain with just the cut file.

On this car, I cut the "just married" center image and just used it so the green was the background

On these last two cards, I just used the "just married" on the layers using different size backgrounds.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Wedding Card

So after working on all these projects for the wedding, at the last minute, I made the couples card. Ran out of time and had to leave so I packed a folder with cuts and paper plus glue, tape, pop dots and any other supplies needed. I did run the paper through the Cuttlebug before also. The inside verse was printed although it wasn't shown in the picture.

The butterfly was cut from Elegant Cake Art on page 48. The heart was also cut from Elegant Cake Art on page 38. The stones were added as a final touch. They were both cut with the shadow feature and the pop dots helped to add dimension to the card. Always, Remember, Love was added from a package die cut that I had to run at the last minute to Joann's because I forgot the other ones that I made. They were also glittered so everything sparkled.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Wedding Projects

Starting with the centerpieces: This was a sample with the picture taken on a dresser so that I could email the bride for her approval.
They were bought with no bottoms so we bought these mirrors to act as bottom to hold the flower petals that were in the bridal department. A bow was added to the bottom and in the end, we did not use the garland. No candles were allowed so bought the battery ones to fit on the inside. Very difficult to see in this picture for they did not fully set up the table with everything in the right places. Place cards were also made using green for the guys colors and purple for the girls with their names printed on the white glitter card stock.

Made from a hat box with a slit cut out of the center. The card box was white satin that I quilted using a double needle with a layer of thin batting on the back. Where the intersections met, I put a stone that had adhesive on the bottom. The same ribbon was added to the bottom the the box as in the centerpieces.The top of the box had lace flowers purchased applique and the purple beads that were on a wire, that surrounded the opening of the box. The cake was not made by me but by the grooms mother. At first they were going to have just a plain cake with just the ribbon but later the patterns were added with the purple color. The flowers which were white roses and orchids on the top of the cake were real and were in a special holder.

More of the petals were added to the table in white and green.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wedding Projects

This was another banner that was done for the wedding. Using the same font as with all the decorations for the wedding from Storybook. This time just rectangles were used and the holes were punched for the ribbon after everything was put together. Size was 8.5" x 10" These pictures were taken with the banner pieces on a bed. An after thought was to put purple stones on the tips of all the swirls. Between the words, I used the heart from Sweethearts cartridge on page 34 with using the Gypsy to size.

This was the flourish on page 76 from the Sweethearts cartridge without the flowers and circles which were not cut using the Gypsy.

I know it is hard to see how it looked but as for now this is the only picture I have show. Finding a place to hang was difficult but this was where it ended up on a railing that was dividing the room with two levels.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wedding Projects

As in the previous post, these were made for the bride and groom to hold for pictures. They were cut from the same cartridges of Tie the Knot for the base and Storybook for the letters. They were cut smaller than 7.5" , I believe at 6" for the base and 3.5" for the letters.

At the last minute, I thought I would add another base but to fit their last name and the same height so the gypsy was used and it was fit to the paper of 12" . I thought it needed a little more for the name to fill the space so out of their color I cut a flourish to fit at the bottom of the name. Holes were punched to string the ribbon through with the name left with the ribbon opened so they could hold an end.

One of the the pictures taken outside holding the banners.Pictures showing them carrying them when they entered the room.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Wedding Projects

My daughter had seen pictures of various banners that she liked, so this is the one that I created to put on the front of her table. These pictures were taken at home on the dining room table.

The white base was cut from Tie the Knot out of the same glitter paper used for all my projects.
They were cut @ 7.5 " and the holes were punched with a hole punch to put the ribbon through the top. The lettering was cut from Storybook out of black glitter paper @ 3.70" with no feature selected. The scroll was from Sweethearts on page 76 but I did go into the hide feature of the Gypsy so I didn't cut the flower or the circles and were cut @ 5.5".
The closeup shows that I added stones to the bottom opposite of the holes punched from the top. The heart was cut as a place to separate the words and was cut from the shadow feature on page 40 of the sweethearts cartridge

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Wedding Projects

So right before the wedding, I bought white vinyl from Provo Craft. It comes wrapped up in a package with 2 sheets that are 12" x 24". I did not use the Gypsy to cut this project but used it to set the size that I wanted. Followed the suggested cutting instructions: The settings used were blade depth at 6 and pressure at 2. this just cuts the white vinyl and leaves the backing liner uncut. I did use transfer tape. If help is needed, go to the Cricut website or do a search for more instructions
The bride and groom was cut from Stretch You Imagination on page 74 and used the silhouette feature at 11.5" and this is how it looked after removing it from the mat with me cutting around The Mr & Mrs was cut from Tie the Knot on page 62.

The "just married" was cut from Sweethearts cartridge on page 65 with the shift key used for this image. I did have to release a few areas that were tacked otherwise I would have the wording still attaches to the mat. I used transfer tape to attach to the car.

The final result with two of the images. The Mr & Mrs were used on another area.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Wedding Projects

First of all it was a great wedding. I have been so tired and have been relaxing since the event. So now its time to post some of the projects that I did for the wedding in the next couple of days.

These are the favors that were made from Tie The Knot cartridge. They were both cut
@ 11.5". The bride box was cut from the glitter paper and then embossed with the D'vine Swirls folder and the stones were added where all the cuts were made from the Cricut. A ribbon was added to hold the box closed. The groom wore a tan suit so that is why this was made in the color scheme but the paper had the two different side look when folded. The white shirt was cut from the same glitter paper as the brides dress. I did not finish putting the boxes together until the the candy was put inside so that the stress on the paper would hold up. Back view.

Side View

Since it was a small wedding, I only had to make 26 boxes. All the boxes lined up on my table.