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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Serger purse

This is a neck hanging purse that I saw on "Sewing With Nancy Show" this past Saturday. Done very quickly once I figured the size that I wanted to make it. Done with 4 different fabrics that I had left from another project. First picture is how you would view it closed around your neck. Next picture is opened and there is a pocket and also you are able to put keys or money in the top and then you would fold it down. I did end up topstitching to make it lay flatter and still need to use a turner to get the corners better.


  1. Kool! Sooooo glad you posted this. I also saw this episode, and recorded it on my DVR but forgot do a sketch of the pattern pieces from Nancy's instructions before I erased the show... I've been looking on line for a pattern or instructions with no luck so far.

    Where did you get the layout for the pattern/fabric pieces? In the show she sewed everything all at once leaving an opening to turn everything out. That's what I can't remember.


  2. On this purse, I will have to do a search of my patterns for this one. I did make up my own pattern to go with the size of the one on the show.