Birthday Cards

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Elmo Pop Up Card

After finally getting the Elmo Party a few weeks ago, I just finished the pop up card.

Too cute is the face smiling at you. I have no small children but wanted this cartridge and the Toy Story one which I haven't used yet either. I always figure that the Licensed cartridges won't be here for very long and when I have a use for them, they will be gone. There are some cute projects on the cartridge that with a little changing on the Gypsy, I can create something general by taking off the face, it can be used for anyone.

The Happy Birthday is one of the cuts from my "stash" (I cut a few sayings from different cartridges at one time so all I have to do is match it to a card).
When you open the card surprise! Elmo pops up! I did make two of these cards so that one would be a reference for another time. I did have a little trouble getting him to stick and wrinkled his leg. had to go on the message board for instructions because as usual no help in the booklet!


  1. To cute! Now tell me how you arranged him to pop up? Looks like you had to make a few score lines to get him to close just open up.

  2. Elmo is cut in two parts. The upper body and then the hip and legs. They are glued together and scored from the shoulder to the middle lower body and then accross where he is glued. To put on the card, you glue only the legs on one side first, then position the other leg. Do not glue upper section although i did put a little gle on his hip area. There is a video on U tube and without it, I would not have been able to create it with the no instructions about the project in the booklet. Also always check the Cricut messageboard, they are so helpful.