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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wedding Projects

This was another banner that was done for the wedding. Using the same font as with all the decorations for the wedding from Storybook. This time just rectangles were used and the holes were punched for the ribbon after everything was put together. Size was 8.5" x 10" These pictures were taken with the banner pieces on a bed. An after thought was to put purple stones on the tips of all the swirls. Between the words, I used the heart from Sweethearts cartridge on page 34 with using the Gypsy to size.

This was the flourish on page 76 from the Sweethearts cartridge without the flowers and circles which were not cut using the Gypsy.

I know it is hard to see how it looked but as for now this is the only picture I have show. Finding a place to hang was difficult but this was where it ended up on a railing that was dividing the room with two levels.

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