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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wedding Projects

As in the previous post, these were made for the bride and groom to hold for pictures. They were cut from the same cartridges of Tie the Knot for the base and Storybook for the letters. They were cut smaller than 7.5" , I believe at 6" for the base and 3.5" for the letters.

At the last minute, I thought I would add another base but to fit their last name and the same height so the gypsy was used and it was fit to the paper of 12" . I thought it needed a little more for the name to fill the space so out of their color I cut a flourish to fit at the bottom of the name. Holes were punched to string the ribbon through with the name left with the ribbon opened so they could hold an end.

One of the the pictures taken outside holding the banners.Pictures showing them carrying them when they entered the room.

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