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Friday, August 26, 2011

Wedding Projects

Starting with the centerpieces: This was a sample with the picture taken on a dresser so that I could email the bride for her approval.
They were bought with no bottoms so we bought these mirrors to act as bottom to hold the flower petals that were in the bridal department. A bow was added to the bottom and in the end, we did not use the garland. No candles were allowed so bought the battery ones to fit on the inside. Very difficult to see in this picture for they did not fully set up the table with everything in the right places. Place cards were also made using green for the guys colors and purple for the girls with their names printed on the white glitter card stock.

Made from a hat box with a slit cut out of the center. The card box was white satin that I quilted using a double needle with a layer of thin batting on the back. Where the intersections met, I put a stone that had adhesive on the bottom. The same ribbon was added to the bottom the the box as in the centerpieces.The top of the box had lace flowers purchased applique and the purple beads that were on a wire, that surrounded the opening of the box. The cake was not made by me but by the grooms mother. At first they were going to have just a plain cake with just the ribbon but later the patterns were added with the purple color. The flowers which were white roses and orchids on the top of the cake were real and were in a special holder.

More of the petals were added to the table in white and green.

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